Ink Blots & Splash Backs

Being inspired by the well known ‘Ink blot test’ , i wanted to see what designs or ideas i could come up with. I wanted to specifically focus on Interiors.

Examples of the Ink Blot test:

Above images from Google images.

Gathering a collection of Ink blot designs i started to create ink blot inspired designs on Photoshop.

pattern49 (1)

Above is a pattern i made by taking an ink blot image. Modifying/ manipulating a small section of it and using a mirror effect. The outcome reminded me of marble tiles, much like the tile below.

Related image

I thought i should put my design onto a tile. I had to change the design a little bit to ensure it was a repeated pattern. this was a 2 minute job. After that i looked at splash back tile dimensions. Due to the pattern i thought it would be best to pot for a rectangular tile rather than a square tile.

Capture 2

Above is a quick image of the tile design in situ.

Below are more tile designs i came up with:


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